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Becoming an excellent sales person!

Without it no clients served, no enterprise.

Learn a few tips to turn around your business and become ultra-successful.

1. Put the customer first.

Customers need to trust you before a sales deal can be sealed. Find out your customers needs by asking leading questions that will build trust and close your customer/client.

2. Have great knowledge and understanding about your product.

People connect to professionals and knowledgeable people. Build your client's confidence in your product by exuding same confidence and knowledge about your product.

3. Understand your competition.

This allows you a better placement of your product to fill the client necessity gap and have an edge over your competition.

4. Follow up your customers.

The fortune of sales is in the follow-up. Invest ingenuity and skills in following up the customer especially after the buying decision is done. Offer great customer care to convert them into repeat buyers of your product. Afterall it is easier to create repeat customers than access new ones.

5. Dress well, be smart and friendly.

You want to create a good posture to build trust and confidence before your customers.

6. Pay attention to customers' objections.

Become an active listener to your customer and pay attention to their objections expressed verbally and those expressed through body language. Do your best to address them. They are the ones hindering your sale.

6. Be logical.

Strike a balance between the need to make a sale and addressing the customer's needs. It is important to also note when you can suggest a sale or ask for the sale to the customer especially when they are indecisive about the sale.

7. Increase your units of sales with extras.

In cases where you have accessorized products, these can be your extras to increase your units of sales.

8. Optimism

Remain optimistic in the midst of bad days. You want to maintain the good posture and friendliness to your customers.

9. Horne your craft

Keep attempting more sales relentlessly. This helps you practice more and get more skillful at your craft.

10. Take personal responsibility for your sales.

Become personally responsible for your sales, business, personal growth and development without blaming your customers or circumstances or challenges around you.

11. Remain focused on your sales. Embrace your unique opportunities to maximize sales without comparing yourself with other players in the same industry. Set goals to achieve and utilize your personal skills and knowledge to maximally exploit your opportunities.


To be an expert at something, you have to continually do that particular something and improve as you go.

To be an expert of sales, you have to sell however imperfect you can be at the beginning. Start from where you're with what you have. You will achieve mastery at sales.

Recommend read:

1. Greatest salesman in the world by OG Mandino

2. Secrets of closing a sale by Zig Ziglar.

3. Way of the Wolf: Straight line selling by Jordan Belfort

4. The Psychology of selling by Brian Tracy.

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